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¿Que es Softaculous?

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Softaculous is probably the best auto installer that can be found in your cPanel control panel. Softaculous offers 329 applications / scripts and allows you to install them very quickly. It can at present, install a large number of applications and scripts ranging from blogs, content management systems and even libraries Java Script. Softaculous comes free with every hosting services HostingRD Linux.

Softaculous is a great Auto Installer having 329 great scripts, PHP Classes 1115 and continue to add more. Softaculous is ideal for web hosting companies and it could give a significant boost to sales. These scripts cover most of the applications that a client may have. We covered a wide range of categories so that everyone can find the script

Softaculous is an auto installer very quickly.


A user can install scripts in one step. Softaculous can install any of the 329 scripts in one step. So that the user does not go through the process of installers of individual scripts. Everything from copying the files to the creation of a database is done by Softaculous. A user can simply sit back and relax!

direct or other Import Auto Installers.


Softaculous can import any of the scripts that keeps even if it was not installed by Softaculous. The process is simple and fast. Softaculous can also import data from other installers installed Auto Fantastico scripts. The user can also choose which scripts to import from other Auto Installers. Once you imported Softaculous be able to keep the scripts for future updates.  

Softaculous Demo keeps all the scripts that can be installed.


We choose the right piece of software is very important for web hosting customers and how we can choose one untreated DEMO! So, to simplify things, it keeps Softaculous Scripts demos so users can navigate through the script and select the appropriate script for them. 

Softaculous also maintains Ratings and comments Scripts.


Users who have used scripts can write reviews of the scripts and scripts can also rate they like the best. So other users can select their required software even easier because they can see the ratings, reviews and Demos. Softaculous brings the best of all the scripts for users. 

Faster and secure updates.


Softaculous gives much faster than scripts that keeps updates. In Softaculous, we understand that an update means a much safer and better server security dash. In addition, users benefit from the new features available in the latest versions of scripts. We always try our best to make available updates as soon as possible !. 

Users worldwide.


Millions of users worldwide use Softaculous to install and update web applications. Be part of the revolution and offer Softaculous hosting its customers.