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What is SiteBuilder?



It is a tool to build and publish Web sites simply and quickly without having to configure any software without any knowledge of programming or HTML graphic approach, available in 3 versions to meet all requirements, Lite Pack, Ultra Pack, E- Commerce Pack. All plans include Sitebuilder HostingRD

SiteBuilder provides, on a rich selection of customizable graphical templates with text, images, photos and more, also used by a panel of management, practical and intuitive, allows the creation and customization of homepage and additional pages, thanks also to the possibility of inserting Goodies, useful

Here are the steps for you to create your website with SiteBuilder

Here are the steps for you to create your website with SiteBuilder

Access the management panel Sitebuilder by Cpanel

Select the template and make the changes you want (color, title, images)

Add pages, contact form, Guest Book, photo Album, Image editor, animations and all other features provided with various packages.

Display the preview and publish, with a single click, your online site.

Ready Start using your website.

Sitebuilder allows you to create easy and fast way a website, which will also be possible to add more pages later (not created with SiteBuilder), simply by FTp protocol. Clearly is permitted also the opposite operation, ie add pages created with SiteBuilder to a site that already exists.

In this second case it is necessary to consider that by publishing the website built with SiteBuilder, pages with different names for existing will be added to what is already on-line, while the pages with same names will be overwritten by the new pages.

Responsive Web Design.

Adopted a concept-mobile first, RVSiteBuilder 5.2 has been enhanced to PCs, smartphones and tablets via the most popular browsers. New hundreds of template designs are optimized for mobile viewing. Once the site is published, the RVSiteBuilder 5.2 automatically feed its content to mobile design blocks. All adjustments are made with first-mobile concept. Support Internet Explorer 9 and later.

Style-setting enhancements.


The main improvements in Step 2 make their ways to adjust the style of the web easy. For example, you can adjust your header design for mobile displays, including the modification of the height of the header. With more new navigation menus 20, you will have more tools to design with you own favorite styles. The 'Mobile' tab lets you adjust the colors of text, background color of the header and the options to remove some components on the mobile screen.

Block Management.

Stay more organized than before, the block management style allows you to move and adjust the design of the visual, helping her figure out how your current website can be previewed on the web. Once published, the mobile will be applied.

Unlimited pages and sub-pages.


Create a website without pages of limitation on depends on how the hosting plan can handle.

Screen Resolution.


800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 90%, 95% and (fullscreen) 100%.

Draft backup and restore.


Backup and save data on your PC with a single click. Disk crash will not work data loss. You are also able to move around projects RVSiteBuilder either on the server or switch from one to another.

System Backup.

No problem timeout, Detailed management errors, Improved security.

& nbsp; Missing Recovery Project



data is not lost. Database collapse or forget to move the database RVSiteBuilder after moving the server, no longer the problem. Users can retrieve data from the published website. If there is no project folder, but there is no record in the database, recovery dialog will be displayed in the user interface RVSiteBuilder. Your customers can retrieve the data themselves.

& nbsp; Insert code ex. Adsense, Glitter, etc.

Enter any function code to use with your entire website in a single step.

& nbsp; header font and style Link


The choice of font and image customizing website header gives you more ability to enjoy editing color, size, location, and add more.

Area partners.


When creating web pages, one page may need more security than others, such as a page for billing or members, etc. Therefore, our program has been developed to support the administrator can configure page members to allow only certain users who have access rights.

Double Sub-menu.


Our program now allows you to create sub-menu on two levels.

Content margin.


You can set the margin website easily, specifying the number of pixels in the field provided. Then you can have the margin of the web page as the case you want.

Source and Link Style.


A new function to add new font family and font set and link style to use on your website, either the entire website or specific page.

Take dialog.

decision dialogue

When creating new page or component for additional information, you can set it to appear on the new or come by pop-up dialog window. This is an advantage when he learned that the new page does not need to open in a new window, just a little dialogue yet.

Chief Edit label.

boss Chief of the website is an intricate part of editing, as knowledge needs meta tag when you want to customize. Now developed it easier to edit, you just need to have some knowledge google adsense to work.

Image Editor.


You can rotate and resize images that you've uploaded to your web page by dragging the mouse and adjusting the index.

Social Network.


We no longer difficult to find the place and the code to insert into our program for facebook fanpage connection, this feature gives you the favor. It also has ability to browse images directly from your facebook connect any social network with your website created by our program, insert like button, like box, Comment Box too.

Other features.

Home with the sub-page can be set as link anchor instead of the entire page System user registration and login. All plans include Sitebuilder HostingRD