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SEO service based in Florida.

Attracta SEO technology provides more than 1,700 web hosting companies in over 90 countries worldwide. It helps more than 3.5 million websites promote more than 4 million web pages in major search engines in the world. Google updates each day alone more than 120 million web pages through XML Sitemap service.

Many of the world's largest web hosting as HostingRD and SEO service providers incorporate technology into their service offerings. They provide the only cloud delivery platform that exceeds the functionality provided by other distribution channels for website improvements to the letter of value added services like Google for Web services, SEO sites, and many other valuable website

Were the founders and key executives in early stage companies in several highly successful internet.


A pioneer web hosting company that grew to become the largest in the world (Acquired by NTT / Verio for $ 49.5 million in 1998).


automation system website worldwide. (Founded in 1997, now powers more than 130 million websites).

First portal border trade in China ($ 45 million financing lead by Citicorp in 2000). 

Miva Merchant.

One of the automation systems cart major purchases in the world (Acquired by FindWhat $ 8 million in 2003).


HackerSafe leading company worldwide security certification for websites. Now "McAfee Secure" (acquired by McAfee for $ 51 million in 2008).

Attracta In HostingRD.

HostingRD offers this Seo tool in its plans Web hosting and Reseller Hosting for free.